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Just!Us! Peacebuilding, human rights, and empowerment curriculum

Sitting down with the new curriculum... Photo: AFSC / AFSC

AFSC’s Racial Justice through Human Rights youth group uses this curriculum to explore the roots of violence and work toward youth-led change.

The curriculum uses the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as an umbrella for looking at issues such as racism, privilege, economic disparities, violence, and gender inequities.

It focuses on understanding how to create positive change through community-building and nonviolent social action. Youth are invited to work on their own social change actions that impact their communities.

Facilitating popular education

The curriculum uses a model of popular education that gives youth a different experience from the more formal education model of schools. It is flexible to empower youth to create and follow their own direction.

The curriculum requires participation and uses a variety of techniques for imparting information, recognizing that people learn in different ways.

The curriculum is a guideline; its goals can be achieved in many ways. Facilitators should be creative and flexible, and feel free to pick and choose exercises that work in the moment.

Facilitators will be able to help youth:

  • Learn from each other and from others outside of the group
  • Understand certain concepts
  • Gain skills in leadership
  • Encourage action that impacts social change

Facilitators should encourage individual experience and wisdom as well as group process. The exercises are designed to empower youth to be creative and collaborative and to understand issues in planning and processing actions. The youth themselves guide the direction of the discussion and the learning process.

Created Date 
Sep 17, 2014

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