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Japanese Internment Resettlement Handbook, 1942

Photo: Archives / AFSC

This four-page, typed document dated Dec 23, 1942, offers “a concise guide for individuals and groups interested in the resettlement of Japanese Americans.” It starts with simple definition of terms and then outlines every step and regulation that goes into assisting an employable individual to receive “indefinite leave” from a relocation area. A job at prevailing wages and place to live must be proven for each candidate. A community “sponsor” is desirable and membership in a church is strongly advised once the person or family does move. The community itself should be friendly and welcoming.

Although the handbook states that a resettled person is “as free as any other American,” he or she may not live east of the Mississippi or along the Pacific rim, and must report to the government any change in job status or living arrangement.

Created Date 
Feb 4, 2016