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James Reeb: Civil rights martyr

Newsletter from the archives showing James Reeb marching in Selma
James Reeb marches in Selma Photo: AFSC

James Reeb was an AFSC worker who was active in the civil rights movement. In March of 1965, Reeb went to Selma to join the protests for African American voting rights. While in Selma, he was viciously beaten by white segregationists, and died from his injuries two days later. In Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s eulogy, he said “The world is aroused over the murder of James Reeb. For he symbolizes the forces of good will in our nation. … He was a witness to the truth that men of different races and classes might live, eat, and work together as brothers.”

This document is an article honoring his life from the Friends Journal in March of 1990, along with the Official statement of the American Friends Service Committee on the death of James Reeb.

Created Date 
Mar 12, 2014

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