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International Affairs Reports, 1971

Photo: Archives / AFSC

This confidential, three-page memo reports on a trip by a three-member Quaker team to Moscow in June, 1971, “to learn from responsible Soviet officials and experts how the Soviets now view the Middle East and how they assess prospects for peace in the area.” The letterhead lists both AFSC’s international affairs division and the Friends Service Council of England.

The report matter-of-factly lays out Soviet views of the dangers to their interests in an escalating conflict, their commitment to the State of Israel under the terms of UN Resolution 242, and their interests in efforts to open the Suez Canal as a first step towards a comprehensive peace settlement.

The trip was led by Landrum Bolling, a World War II correspondent and academic political scientist who became a leading expert and activist for peace in the Middle East. During the administration of President Jimmy Carter, Bolling served as an unofficial communication channel between the U.S. and the Palestinian Liberation Organization.

Created Date 
Mar 14, 2016

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