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Inside Out (March 2017)

Inside Out March 2017 cover image
Photo: / AFSC

This second issue of "From the Inside Out" was originally going to focus on the issue of isolated confinement. That focus was in response to the misinformation from the New Jersey governor’s formal message vetoing Senate Bill S51 , which attempted to restrict the use of solitary confinement in all "correctional" facilities in the state, consistent with recommendations of clinical, correctional, and legal experts. In vetoing S51, the governor claimed that solitary confinement did not exist in New Jersey.

We expanded the scope of this report, however, because oppressive practices continue to be reported regarding physical abuse, medical neglect, corruption, lack of due process, retaliation against whistleblowers, and the general conditions of confinement in New Jersey "correctional" facilities. Therefore, we have included testimonies about these issues as well. New Jersey prison issues have had unusual media coverage during this quarter, which is another reason why we have expanded the scope of this issue to report on problems beyond isolated confinement.

Created Date 
Mar 2, 2017