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Inside Out (December 2016)

Inside Out December 2016 cover image
Photo: / AFSC

This first issue of Inside Out: The Prison Watch Community Oversight Initiative was suggested a number of years ago by the people confined in the New Jersey penal system to provide people in the community with specific examples of conditions in our state's prisons. Their feeling--and ours--has been that this kind of initiative will enable more people to better understand the prison system, which is an expensive, dysfunctional, and largely concealed sector of our society. The voices reflected in this report are those who have agreed to stay in touch with community-based advocates on a regular basis. They are giving us information regarding what is happening to and around them. We use the information we receive from people in prison to try to protect the rights of individuals and families, and mitigate individual instances of harm. Feel free to share and forward this report to any communities you see fit. 

Created Date 
Dec 29, 2016

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