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Incidents of nuclear blackmail

Partial listing of incidents of nuclear blackmail

1946: Truman threatens Soviets regarding Northern Iran.

1946: Truman sends SAC bombers sent to intimidate Yugoslavia following downing of U.S. aircraft over Yugoslavia.

1948: Truman threatens Soviets in response to Berlin blockade.

1950: Truman threatens Chinese when U.S. marines were surrounded at Chosin Reservoir in Korea.

1951: Truman approves military request to attack Manchuria with nuclear weapons if significant numbers of new Chinese Forces join the war.

1953: “Operation Big Stick” Eisenhower threatens China to force end to Korean war on terms acceptable to U.S.

1954: Eisenhower's Secretary of State Dulles offers French three tactical nuclear weapons to break the siege at Dienbienphu. Supported by Nixon's public trial balloons.

1954: Eisenhower used nuclear armed SAC bombers to reinforce CIA-backed coup in Guatemala.

1956: Bulganin threatens London and Paris with nuclear attacks, demanding withdrawal following their invasion of Egypt.

1956: Eisenhower counter threatens the Soviet Union while also demanding British and French retreat from Egypt.

1958: Eisenhower orders Joint Chiefs of Staff to prepare to use nuclear weapons against Iraq, if necessary to prevent extension of evolution into Kuwait.

1958: Eisenhower orders Joint Chiefs of Staff to prepare to use nuclear weapons against China if they invade the island of Quemoy.

1961: Kennedy threatens Soviets during Berlin Crisis.

1962: Cuban Missile Crisis.

1967: Johnson threatens Soviets during Middle East War.

1967: Johnson's public threats against Vietnamare linked to possible use of nuclear weapons to break siege at KHz Shan.

1968: Johnson threatens nuclear attack against North Korea in response to Seizure of USS Pueblo.

1969: Brezhnev threatens China during border war.

1969: Nixon’s “November Ultimatum” against Vietnam.

1970: Nixon signals preparations to fight nuclear war to the Soviets during Black September War in Jordan.

1973: Israeli Government threatens use of nuclear weapons October 9.

1973: Kissinger threatens Soviet Union during the last hours of the "October War" in the Middle East.

1973: Nixon pledges to South Vietnamese President Thieu that he will respond with nuclear attacks or the bombing of North Vietnam’s dikes if it violates the provisions of the Paris Peace Accords.

1975: Sec. of Defense Schlesinger threatens North Korea with nuclear retaliation should it attack south Korea in the wake of the U.S. defeat in Vietnam.

1976: President Ford dispatches nuclear armed B-52 from Guam toward North Korea in response to “Ax Incident” in Korean Demilitarized Zone.

1980: Carter Doctrine announced.

1981: Reagan reaffirms the Carter Doctrine.

1990: Pakistan threatens India during confrontation over Kashmir.

1990-91: Bush threatens Iraq during the "Gulf War."

1993: Clinton threatens North Korea.

1994: Clinton’s confrontation with North Korea

1996: China threatens “Los Angeles” during confrontation over Taiwan.

1996: Clinton threatens Libya with nuclear attack to prevent completion of underground chemical weapons production complex.

1998: Clinton, Operation Desert Fox, refuses to rule out use of nuclear weapons against Iraq. 

2002: Bush communicates an implied threat to counter any Iraqi use of chemical.

2003: Bush dispatches 24 nuclear capable bombers to Guamduring crisis with North Korea.

2008-12: Obama “all options are on the table” with Iran.

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Apr 9, 2012

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