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Gaza Under Attack Handout

Gaza Pinwheel Graphic
Photo: / AFSC

Israel’s latest attack on Gaza is catastrophic for Palestinians in Gaza.

During the first week of attacks more than 200 Palestinians were killed, including at least 60 children. Ten Israelis, including one child, were also killed. More than 1,300 Palestinians were injured, and over 50,000 Palestinians living under siege in Gaza were displaced from their homes with no safe place to go. Hundreds of homes, hospitals, businesses, factories, schools, and places of worship have been damaged and destroyed. Large numbers of Palestinians will remain without permanent shelter, adequate food, adequate running water, and regular electricity for months to come. All of this is happening as Palestinians in Gaza are dealing with a renewed and virulent Covid-19 outbreak with an already broken health care system.

Those of us in the U.S. must recognize our complicity in the attacks on Gaza. Our complicity arises from the U.S. government’s uncritical support for Israel - during the attack and over the course of its occupation of the Palestinian territories.

It is time to end a demand to these attacks. It is time for us to demand change and accountability.

This document provides some suggestions of actions that you can take to demand change.

Created Date 
May 18, 2021