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Coal Relief Section Field Notes, 1932

Photo: / AFSC

A nine-page report provides an overview of all nine districts in place in AFSC’s program after one year of operations in Appalachia. The first page shows each county represented, covering areas in West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and Illinois. A very brief report from each district helps shape a picture of proud people facing “an ever-deepening horror at the situation”. As one staffer writes regarding the lack of resources: “I find myself thinking of how nearly this situation is like that in post-war Germany.”

One entry from District 7 in Kentucky documents interracial support: “We located one sewing circle among the colored people of Drakesboro. The colored supervisor, who is quite a hustler, is sure that they will be glad to make over clothing for colored children of several different places. She seems to be the only one from the county taking our program seriously enough to really get in and work. Perhaps it is because she wants the Negro children to get their share. As one man puts it, the white folks, rather than feeling that we should not help the Negroes, would feel hurt if we did not.”

Created Date 
Jan 20, 2016