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AFSC Annual Report 2009

AFSC Annual Report 2009

AFSC's monthly vigil outside Aurora Detention Center reminds those inside they are not forgotten.2009 was tumultuous for the world at large and for AFSC.  Our 2009 annual report, Building Peace by Fostering Justice, describes how we came through the year – continuing to work in partnership with people of good will, seeking to build a more just and peaceful world while meeting significant financial challenges.  The report also shows the magnitude of the economic impact experienced by AFSC itself.   

Coming through the crisis reaffirmed for us that our staff and volunteers are motivated by a love and passion for both AFSC and the people we work with.  What emerged was a deep sense of cooperation and unselfishness as all involved sought the most effective stewardship of the resources provided by our generous donors. 

The 16 pages in this report provide an overview of the wide range of work we did throughout 2009, despite all the hardships, including an overview of AFSC's financial situation.

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Created Date: 
May 17, 2010