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Best practices for hosting a Hawo's Dinner Party event

Involve Muslim partners from the beginning

Continue trying via multiple avenues, organizations, and colleges to reach out to the community, even if you have trouble initially

Offer a meal

Divide into small groups for informal discussion

Offer some guidance at each table for discussion questions

Plan next steps for people to get involved

Get your meeting on board

Utilize Quaker documents related to Islam

Do what you can to ensure a balanced and diverse attendance

Be respectful of cultural differences (i.e. male-female contact, prayers, food choice, etc.)

Anticipate that families with children will attend

Utilize the Active Voice “Hawo’s Dinner Party” resources available online

Consider involving artistic expressions in conjunction with the event (i.e. photo exhibits, Windows & Mirrors, etc.)

Consider AFSC's North Carolina office as a resource for consulting

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