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Assessment of the 2015 riots at Arizona prison

Cover of report on Kingman prison riots
Photo: / AFSC

The Assessment of the 2015 riots in Management and Training Corporations' Kingman, Arizona prison report is an effort to address issues that would likely not be covered in the Arizona Department of Corrections' own investigation into the cause of the 2015 riots.

One of the major findings in this report is the under-reported fact that Department of Corrections' tactical support personnel sent in to quell the riot were unnessarily violent and disrespectful in their treatment of the prisoners--whether they were involved in the disturbances or not.

Several other findings related to the causes of the riots include chronic understaffing at Kingman, prisoner mistreatment by guards, and poor managment, all related to the corportation's efforts to cut costs in order to make a profit from its contract. 


Created Date 
Aug 27, 2015

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