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44 organizations call on Israel to stop forcible transfer plans

Shelters in a West Bank Palestinian Bedouin community.
Shelters in a West Bank Palestinian Bedouin community.    Photo: AFSC

On 11 September 2014, AFSC joined 43 other Palestinian, Israeli, and international organizations inurgently calling on world leaders to stop Israeli plans to forcibly transfer thousands of Palestinian Bedouins out of their communities in the central part of the occupied West Bank and into a designated township.


Together we stressed that the international community must take all possible measures to ensure that individual and mass forcible transfer, which is a grave breach of the Fourth Geneva Convention, does not take place. We said world leaders should immediately press Israel to cancel all transfer plans and allow Palestinians to remain in and develop their communities, warning that the transfer of Palestinian Bedouins from their current locations would free up land for Israeli settlement expansion in a way that could effectively divide the West Bank.

Created Date 
Sep 11, 2014

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