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Defund Hate

Call on Congress to defund ICE and CBP today!

For decades, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) have separated countless families, caused the deaths of people seeking refuge, and terrorized our communities.

AFSC and the Defund Hate Coalition join with communities across the country in demanding Congress to stop funding cruelty against immigrants. It's time to defund ICE and CBP and invest our tax dollars in education, health care, and other programs that strengthen – instead of tear apart – our communities.

Resources for action

Email Congress

Cut funding for ICE and CBP!

Tell your representatives no more funding for walls, ICE, and CBP. Demand that they work to create policies that respect the dignity and rights of all people.


How to talk about defunding ICE and CBP—and investing in communities

Use tour messaging tips to communicate with lawmakers, write a letter to the editor, and talk with friends and family about cutting the budgets of these harmful agencies.


Understanding the Congressional Appropriations Process

Watch our webinar recording to make connections between detention and deportations in our communities and funding decisions made in Congress.


Taller en Línea: ¡Quitándole dinero al Odio, invirtiendo en nuestras comunidades!

Únase a lxs miembrxs de la Coalición de Defund Hate para aprender cómo estamos luchando contra la financiación de la crueldad contra lxs inmigrantes.


How to bird-dog candidates

During election season, you have a unique opportunity to get candidates on the record about issues that are important to you—and to influence their opinions. We can do this by “bird-dogging,” or seeking out a candidate, asking them about their positions, and documenting their responses.

Check out this list of bird-dogging questions from the AFSC Iowa Immigrant Rights Program.

Quaker Action

Why it's time to defund hate

In Washington, D.C. and cities across the U.S., people are calling on Congress to stop funding cruelty against immigrants with support from AFSC. 


If Congress wants to keep America safe, funding CBP is the last thing it should do

CBP has proven it is not capable of providing for people’s needs or safeguarding human rights, writes AFSC's Pedro Rios. 


We stopped ICE from getting an extra billion; now let’s defund it totally

Advocacy and organizing earned a partial victory, and it's up to us to build on this momentum. 

The Hill

If Congress cares about ending family separation, why do they keep paying for it?

It’s imperative that we hold those representatives accountable.

Press release

#DefundHate escalates campaign to cut funding for ICE, CBP in 2020

Coalition of immigrant, civil rights, faith, LGBTQ, legal services and other organizations demand Congress cut funding for detention, deportation, and border militarization.

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