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The D.C. Peace and Economic Justice Program strategically seeks to educate, train and advocate on the behalf of the D.C. area community in issues around peace building, economic justice and human rights.

Our Work

Human Rights Learning Project:  We seek to expand human rights education to every student in the District of Columbia. Since 2009, the D.C. Human Rights Learning Program has offered human rights education workshops to over 800 D.C. students. Starting in the 2018-2019 school year, our curriculum will be offered as a DCPS high school elective course entitled "Human Rights and Social Action."

Human Rights City Project: In 2008, the District of Columbia became the first Human Rights City in the United States. The American Friends Service Committee's Human Rights City Steering Committee produces a regular report evaluating the city's progress in the promotion of human rights.

You can find more resources related to AFSC D.C.'s Human Rights City Project here.



Human Rights Project video compilation

In 2008, at the urge of the American Friends Service Committee, the District of Columbia was declared a Human Rights City by a City Council resolution.