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Pakistan’s Role in Bringing Stability to Afghanistan


Dr. Zia Mian, Princeton UniversityWhen President Obama announced the sending of an additional 30,000 US troops to the war in Afghanistan he named Pakistan as a key partner in the war effort. He challenged the government of this nuclear power, which is consumed in a civil war to assist the US military, NATO forces and the Government of Afghanistan in destroying a Taliban network.

Pakistan has told the United States it wants a central role in resolving the Afghan war and has offered to mediate with Taliban allies who use their territory. In addition, in late February, India and Pakistan will resume peace-talks that were suspended in November 2008. Any stable solution to the war will have to take into account Afghanistan’s neighbors, including Pakistan, India, China and Iran.

Dr. Zia Mian will explain the relationship between the wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan, how they relate to the decades old India-Pakistan conflict, the roles of the United States, and how to move toward a comprehensive peace settlement.

Dr. Zia Mian directs of the Project on Peace and Security in South Asia at the Program on Science and Global Security at the Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University. His research interests include nuclear weapons and nuclear energy policy in South Asia, and issues of nuclear disarmament and peace.

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