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Pablo Paredes & Ericson Amaya

Pablo Paredes is a Conscientious Objector to war in all forms.  In 2004 Paredes made headlines as US Navy Sailor who refused to board a naval vessel with a mission to ferry 1000+ marines to Iraq.  Paredes was then court-martialed and eventually discharged from the Navy after serving a sentence of 3 months hard labor, 2 months restriction, and reduction in rank to the navy's lowest pay grade.  Since obtaining his freedom from the armed forces Pablo has dedicated himself to building youth power in communities of color to challenge militarism, racism and xenophobia.  The 31 year old has spoken at hundreds of High Schools in several states as well as in Puerto Rico.  Son of an Ecuadorian (im)migrant father and a Puerto Rican mother, Paredes has always had a deep understanding and passion for migrant justice issues.  His wife became undocumented in the first years of their relationship.  His family lived the fear of the possibility of raids and checkpoints destroying their young family.  In 2010 he brought together a core group of high school aged (im)migrant youth to begin the 67 Sueños collective with AFSC. The goal of this migrant youth organizing project is to build migrant youth leadership and advocacy skills while providing work experience and summer paid internships for undocumented youth. 

Ericson Amaya is a member participant in AFSC’s 67 Sueños program.  He is from Oakland and is an accomplished poet and community organizer in his own right.

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