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Luis Paiz Bekker

Luis Paiz Bekker headshot
Regional director, Latin America and Caribbean

Luis Paiz Bekker is a physician trained in Tropical Medicine, public health, social epidemiology, and systems-thinking. Luis has extensive experience working in the fields of Public Health and Human Rights in humanitarian aid and development in Latin America, Africa, and Eastern Europe, with Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders), CARE International and Oxfam International. He served as Executive Director for the Regional Office of Médecins Sans Frontières in South America (2010-2013), and as the Guatemala Country Director for Oxfam (2013-2015). Luis has worked closely with governments, civil society organizations and local leaders to ensure their active participation and representation, in order to guarantee that human rights standards were established that met their needs and respected their community and cultural structures. Most recently, he has worked as Program Manager for CIET International in Guatemala working in close collaboration with Participatory Research experts at McGill University, implementing participatory, decolonizing methodologies to engage local populations through cycles of participatory action and learning, social mobilization, and the co-design and implementation of local strategies to improve men's and women's health and wellbeing, and to create space for community voice and self-determination.

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