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Kathryn Johnson

Kathryn Johnson served as the Policy Advocacy Coordinator with AFSC's Office for Public Policy and Advocacy. Before joining AFSC, she was a Field Organizer for Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch where she educated and mobilized constituents against the Trans Pacific Partnership. Previously, she served as Assistant Director of the Guatemala Human Rights Commission/USA, supporting human rights defenders, educating the international community, and coordinating a network of activists to demand responsible US policies. As part of that position, Kathryn did significant legislative advocacy in response to the surge of child migrants from Central America to highlight the root causes of migration and push for an effective and humane response from the US Government.

Kathryn has also organized students and activists on issues related to sweat shop labor, fair trade, environmental protections and campesino land rights.  She has a B.A. in International Trade and Human Development from Western Washington University and a Master of Public Administration from the Evans School at the University of Washington.

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