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Jordy Silverstein

Jordy Silverstein is a historian based in Melbourne, Australia, and is a member of the Australian Jewish Democratic Society (AJDS), an organisation which was created in 1984 and has the tagline "A Jewish voice amongst progressives, and a progressive voice amongst Jews". Recent campaigns run by the AJDS have included ‘Don’t Buy Settlement Products’ and ‘What’s Behind the JNF’. Her PhD looked at Holocaust education in Jewish schools in Melbourne and New York, and used memory studies, diaspora studies, queer theory, settler colonial studies, and other related theoretical frameworks, in order to explore the ways that it functions to negotiate anxieties around Jewishness, Zionism, gender and belonging. It has recently been published as a book, Anxious Histories: Narrating the Holocaust in Jewish Communities at the Beginning of the Twenty-First Century (Berghahn, 2015), which - in part - explores the possibilities of a Jewishness based on diasporism and heterogeneity. Jordy is now a postdoctoral research fellow in History at Melbourne University, where she researches the history of Australian government policy towards refugees, and she has been published in a number of Australian and international publications. She has long been involved in Indigenous solidarity, refugee solidarity, feminist, and Jewish, activism.

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