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James Mulholland

James Mulholland is a fifty-six year old privileged white man with a nine year old black daughter named Ella.  He says that being Ella’s father has forced him to confront the privilege and racism within himself, his family and society. He spent twenty five years as a pastor in urban Methodist and Quaker congregations before realizing he had become a happy atheist.  After leaving the ministry, he spent about ten years as a community organizer in Indianapolis, Indiana. He has been a writer by avocation with several published books including “If Grace Is True” and “If God Is Love” (with Philip Gulley) and his most recent, “Leaving Your Religion.” Presently, he is the executive director of Companion Community Development Alternatives, a small NGO doing collaborative development work in Central America. James has six children and eleven grandchildren, of which five are biracial.

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