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Caring for each other during COVID-19

Resources for communities in this challenging time

The COVID-19 pandemic has magnified the injustices of our world. It also reminds us of that we are all interconnected—and that our health and well-being are dependent on how we treat each other. 

Here are some of the many ways communities worldwide are responding to rising need, with the support of caring people like you.


Ensuring COVID-19 vaccines for Florida farmworkers

Thanks to supporters like you, AFSC’s Florida Program has helped distribute COVID-19 vaccines to hundreds of immigrant farmworkers and their family members in remote agricultural communities. 

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Protect people in prisons, jails, and detention centers from COVID-19!

Forced proximity to others and a lack of access to adequate health care in these facilities are particularly dangerous during a pandemic.


How to create a mutual aid network

Here are some resources for creating meaningful projects to care for your neighbors while maintaining physical distance.

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Social movements pressure Biden to support global production of vaccines

The administration stands on the right side of history to prioritize saving lives.


Helping communities in Zimbabwe stay healthy during COVID-19

Thanks to your support, we’re continuing to provide personal protective equipment, hygiene supplies, and other critical items to communities where resources are scarce in this pandemic.


Protecting tenant rights in Atlanta

AFSC’s Home Defenders program supports community members to organize tenant associations, demand fair treatment from landlords, and stay in their homes.


A call for COVID vaccinations under Israeli occupation

Watch a recap of our webinar on the impact of the pandemic on Palestinian lives. 


Supporting youth organizers in Chicago during COVID-19

AFSC is providing youth with groceries, personal protective equipment, and other necessities—while supporting their mutual aid efforts and ongoing work to stop militarism, policing, and surveillance in their communities.


Providing support to communities in Guatemala during COVID-19

Thanks to your support of AFSC’s pandemic response efforts, dozens of community members have received food assistance and hygiene supplies.


AFSC's Farm to Food Bank program grows in New Mexico

Since early March, supporters like you have helped us provide fresh produce to thousands of community members—while supporting local, small-scale farms.


Supporting immigrant communities in Oregon

AFSC's Pedro Sosa discusses how support for communtiies affected by wildfires as they continue to struggle with the impacts of COVID-19 and immigration enforcement. 


Helping people in Somalia protect themselves from COVID-19

Thanks to your support, AFSC and local partners are providing hygiene supplies, protective equipment, and vital information to people in refugee camps and other communities.


Responding to COVID and working for racial justice in New Orleans

As the pandemic highlights race and class disparities in health care, your support has helped AFSC’s Peace by Piece Program work with community members to improve fresh food access and create safer, healthier neighborhoods.


Providing aid to communities in El Salvador

Thanks to your support of AFSC’s pandemic response efforts, dozens of community members struggling in this pandemic have received food assistance and hygiene supplies.


Bringing COVID testing to migrant farmworkers in Florida

As cases continue to rise at alarming rates, AFSC is working to ensure agricultural communities have access to testing, personal protective equipment, and other resources.


Safeguarding partners in Indonesia during COVID

Thanks to your support, local partners are distributing food, medical and hygiene supplies, and other items to their staff, volunteers, and community members.


Millions of immigrants are being left out of coronavirus relief

The next COVID-19 relief package must provide health care and other benefits for DACA recipients, TPS holders, farm workers, and all immigrants.


Stories from elders in Gaza

Hear from some of the seniors in Gaza who have received face masks and other essential virus protection items as part of our pandemic relief response.


Helping immigrants left out of coronavirus relief

With your support, AFSC is helping to provide financial assistance to immigrants in San Diego and communities around the U.S. while advocating alongside them to end detention and deportation.


The call to #FreeOurYouth during COVID-19

In Chicago, community members are demanding the release of Incarcerated youth—and real investments in their health and future.


Helping Kenyans protect themselves from COVID-19

Thanks to supporters like you, AFSC and local partners are providing food, personal protective equipment, hygiene supplies, and information to community members in the Mathare settlement in Nairobi.


Providing PPE to health care workers in Zimbawbe

Thanks to supporters like you, we can ensure the availability of locally produced medical masks, gloves, coveralls, and other PPE at Gweru Infectious Diseases Hospital—in Zimbabwe third-largest city—and other COVID-19 designated hospitals for at least the next three months. 


Emergency response update: Migrants in Latin America

How the AFSC community is making a difference for those fleeing violence and poverty. 


West Virginia shores up its safety net in response to COVID-19

With support from AFSC, community members have created a rapid response network to feed children and seniors and advocated for increased access to critical government programs. 


Why we support the call to #FreeThemAll

No one is served by keeping millions locked up behind bars—not during a pandemic, not ever. 


As U.N. officials speak out, the call grows to free Palestinian children from detention during pandemic

Our advocacy for Palestinian human rights are more important than ever. Here’s what you can do today.


COVID-19 is spreading in U.S. prisons—I’m worried my father might be affected

Government officials must work to protect incarcerated people during this pandemic, writes Kharon Benson. 


Are governments violating human rights and civil liberties in responding to coronavirus?

Historically crises have been exploited to introduce dangerous policies—right now may be one of these moments, says AFSC's Sahar Vardi.


Protecting immigrants from COVID-19

No one should ever have to experience life in an immigration detention center—but especially during this pandemic, when forced proximity and a lack of access to medical care are even more dangerous.


Why have ventilators when you can have warplanes?

Even during a pandemic, Congress continues to prioritize weapons of war over public health.

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