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Alma Abdul-Hadi Jadallah

Dr. Alma Abdul-Hadi Jadallah is the Quaker International Affairs Representative, Middle East, for AFSC. She is a conflict prevention and mitigation specialist and is the founder, president, and managing director of Kommon Denominator, Inc., an organization that is committed to leveraging social science research in support of the peaceful resolution of conflict. In that capacity, she designed and delivered small and large-scale interventions in corporate, community and international settings on dispute resolution processes, ethnic and racial conflicts, issues related to gender mainstreaming, women’s leadership development, inclusive and participatory processes, and multi-stakeholder engagement strategies.

Alma is an Alternative Dispute Resolution specialist, a skilled facilitator, and mediator on the national and international levels, executive coach, a Virginia Court Certified mediator.

A native of the Arab world, she is fluent in Arabic and has in depth knowledge of the region. She worked on strategic projects in Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Morocco, Tunis, Libya, and the GCC countries.

In 2014-15, she served as the Coordinator and Regional Experts on the Panel of Experts on Yemen, and also as a U.N. Expert to the National Dialogue Conference in Yemen with the Office of the Special Advisor to the Secretary General.

Alma earned her Ph.D. from the Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University. She teaches graduate level courses on conflict resolution theory and practice, cross cultural issues and protracted conflicts in lead academic institutions around the world. She also taught at the National Labor College on issues of diversity and leadership in labor disputes.

She has participated in a number of global conferences on conflict resolution, and has been a speaker and participant at various national and international fora and guest to various media outlets. Her writings included conflict assessment studies for the U.N. and USAID, and focus on the role of culture on conflict resolution processes especially negotiation, mediation, inclusive peace processes, conflict assessment, gender, and leadership.

Alma serves her community through volunteering and active board participation with institutions who are committed to justice and peace building efforts around the world.

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