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D.C. volunteer shares youth vision of peace

Children know the names Freddie Gray, Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin. Middle school students understand police brutality and racism are serious problems in our society. They know violence can come from those they are supposed to trust. However, they also have a vision of peace and non-violence—a vision of what our cities might look like without war and police brutality.

ACE welcomes new staff member

The Appalachian Center for Equality, AFSC’s youth leadership program in the southern coalfields of West Virginia, is thrilled to introduce Liz Brunello as its new program associate.

Liz came to West Virginia as an Americorp VISTA and has since led a girls’ empowerment program in Logan County and overseen multiple mini-grantees around the state who are working on healthy lifestyle initiatives in their community.

SOAR takes flight: Youth protest across South Region

In January, AFSC staff and youth from across the South Region led protests and a national panel discussion to confront the issue of police violence and militarization in the United States.

Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday served as the launch date for SOAR (South Organizing Against Racism), which inspired youth-led events in over 15 cities including Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Greensboro, Miami and New Orleans.

Atlanta youth gathering

In October, youth from all over the region gathered with staff at AFSC’s Atlanta office for workshops on how to better advocate for social justice within their communities. AFSC Greensboro’s Toni Etheridge, who has helped the South Region roll out its new regional youth work project, says that the North Carolina office has been gaining interest from young people.

Introducing Youth Empowerment Program Director Farajii Muhammad

Since 1999, Farajii Muhammad has been working in the youth development field. As co-founder, president and spokesman for the youth-governed organization, New Light Leadership Coalition (now New Learninig Leadership Center) he often worked to develop young leaders, connect youth to resources, and bridge the gap between youth and local government. Plus, as a social entrepreneur, Farajii has used his passion for young people to stand as a voice for youth, advocate for their concerns, and an example of a leader and community servant.

Invitation - Creative Youth Social Change Projects 2014-15

Kansas City Area School and Youth Groups are Invited to take advantage of powerful opportunity for youth development and leadership

AFSC's Youth Civic Engagement work in Kansas City had a great year and we are looking for groups to collaborate with for programs for 2014-2015. Our goal is to provide creative ways for youth to learn about issues important to them and out community and to speak out for positive nonviolent social change!

Kansas City AFSC Peace & Justice Alert E-newsletter, July 24, 2014

Kansas City AFSC Weekly Peace & Justice Alert E-newsletter, July 17, 2014 with news, calendar events and advocacy opportunities

Kansas City AFSC Peace & Justice Alert E-newsletter, May 9, 2014

Kansas City AFSC Weekly Peace & Justice Alert E-newsletter, May 9, 2014 with news, calendar events and advocacy opportunities

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