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Youth and Militarism

Youth and Militarism

Chicago - Past Events

It's Your World - Change It!

National Counter Recruitment and Demilitarization Conference

July 17-19, 2009

Chicago, IL, Roosevelt University

Staff from almost every AFSC regional office participated in the NNOMY (National Network Opposing Militarization of Youth) National Counter-Recruitment and Demilitarization conference (more information, see

Fast Facts! from the Conference

Thinking of Enlisting?

The cover of a the Before You Enlist publication

Signing up for the military isn't like taking a job or registering for a camp or school. It is a serious decision that has lifelong consequences. Recruiters are quick to emphasize the good points about being in the military, but there are many downsides. What recruiters say about life in the military at best omits many facts. At worst, recruiters tell out and out lies to sign up recruits.

Do You Know Enough to Enlist?

Questions About JROTC Military Academies


If a military/JROTC program or military academy is starting up or already running in your community, begin raising questions. Teachers and parents at the school may share your concerns. Meet with the principal, teachers' union representatives, student groups, or school board members and challenge them to consider what tradeoffs have been made, whether a quality program is being provided, and whether the program treats all students fairly and with respect.

Military Recruiter Abuse Hotline

A Recruiter Abuse Hotline Sticker

The Recruiter Abuse Hotline Sticker is available from our Chicago office.

The National Youth and Militarism Recruiter Abuse Hotline is now open at 1- 877-688-6881. After hearing many reports from young people and their families about abuses by military recruiters, we at AFSC are beginning to track these abuses as reported to our national hotline.

Human Rights Teacher Workshop

Participants in the Human Rights Teacher Workshop

The AFSC Los Angeles Peace Education Program offers Human Rights resources, training and professional development for K-12 educators.  Each year, our office facilitates a Human Rights Education workshop for Los Angeles United School District (LAUSD) teachers through the United Teachers of Los Angeles salary-point system.  


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