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Youth and Militarism

Youth and Militarism

SENE Counter-Recruitment

rally in newport

Teenagers at rally in Newport.

Photo: AFSC

AFSC-SENE helps youth discover alternatives to conflict, war, and militarism.  We provide youth with information about alternatives to military service, and advocacy to reduce the influence of the U.S. military on the nation's public schools and are developing an outreach program to high schools in our area.   We need lots of help with this work so please contact us about volunteering in your area.

OUSD resolution victory

BAY-Peace activists at Oakland school board

BAY-Peace activists celebrate victory at Oakland Unified School District, after a school board vote May 12 made OUSD the first district in the country to have a policy offering students the chance to OPT OUT of the private recruitment database known as JAMRS.

Photo: AFSC/Siri Margerin


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