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Saturday, May 21, 2016 - 10:00am - Friday, June 3, 2016 - 10:00am

This delegation will explore Palestinian and Israeli efforts to achieve peace with justice. This specific delegation will include meetings that delve deeper into the issues of detention and incarceration, the Israeli military court system, and political prisoners - including meetings with organizations like Addameer, Defense for Children International Palestine, and New Profile. The delegation will also feature meetings with Palestinian and Israeli leaders of civil society groups, grassroots organizers, religious leaders and more.

AFSC partnership in Anthony gives incarcerated youth a second chance

The newspaper Las Cruces Sun reports on the farm project with the American Friends Service Committee and the Anthony Water & Sanitation District. "Anthony Youth Farm was their second chance. Perez says he never would have finished high school and Dominguez says she would have dropped out if they hadn't found their passion there."

King County voters approved it, but activists still search for alternatives to new youth detention

Activists, policy-makers, youth, and mental health professionals speak out against the construction of a new youth jail in King County.

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Real Change News

Political Prisoner Marshall Eddie Conway Released After 44 Years

Incarcerated activist and founder of AFSC's Friend of a Friend program is released from prison after 44 years.

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AFSC launches restorative justice project in Michigan

Ron Simpson and Pete Martel, AFSC Michigan

Ron Simpson and Pete Martel, AFSC Michigan

Ron Simpson, left, and Pete Martel work with AFSC Michigan's Criminal Justice Program.

The Lifer Intern Project of AFSC in Michigan is embarking on an ambitious, long-term project in which restorative justice practices and principles are applied through various programs to offenders serving life sentences and long-indeterminate-sentences (LIDs) in Michigan prisons. The purpose of restorative justice in prisons is to assist with the offender's rehabilitation and eventual reintegration into society.

Why care about people in prison?

Interns with AFSC's Criminal Justice Program in Michigan share their thoughts about prisons and why we should care about the people within them.

Taking compassion behind the walls

A pastor friend once said, “There is no love in prison.”

When you see the tall fences topped with razor wire, the guard towers and the dour faces of many who work behind the walls, it’s easy to feel that way. There’s an oppressive air to prison. Punishment, like humidity, takes the heat and makes it unbearable.

Comrade Sunshine: Official Trailer #1

First official trailer for "Comrade Sunshine," the upcoming documentary film by Cameron Granadino about Dominque Stevenson and AFSC's Friend of a Friend program.

Blog: Reflections on the Lake and the Problem of Prison

Natalie Holbrook

Natalie Holbrook

Natalie Holbrook directs AFSC's Criminal Justice Program in Michigan.

AFSC's Natalie Holbrook reflects on the injustices of the mass incarceration in the United States.

Reflections on the Lake

Natalie Holbrook

Natalie Holbrook

Natalie Holbrook directs AFSC's Criminal Justice Program in Michigan.

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