Palestinian cohesion

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Palestinian youth defy borders to reunite

Sixty participants from the Palestine Youth Together for Change Project (PYTC) were scheduled to hold their annual meeting in November 2014. Due to restrictions on movement, the meeting was scheduled to be held in Jordan, where it is possible for them to gather. The gathering finally took place between 14 and 18 January 2015. Thirty young people attended, two from Gaza, and the rest from West Bank and 1948 areas.

Palestinians from West Bank and 1948 areas have their first meeting across borders

Palestinian cohesion

Asrar, Khalil and team participate in the Amman meeting organized through the Together for Change Project, Nov 2013.

Young Palestinians are divided across space—some in the West Bank, others in the Gaza Strip, and still others in the 1948 areas—but through AFSC’s Together for Change Project, they are unifying their voices to influence community leaders and policymakers.  

Last month in Amman, Jordan, some gathered together in a room, while others joined virtually from Gaza. After three days discussing where to focus their energy, they decided to focus on freedom of movement and access, and the Palestinian identity.

Meet three of the youth who attended:

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