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Can the Bible be redeemed?




“Can the Bible be redeemed? Has it been used as a weapon so much that we cannot redeem it?” These were questions that the Rev. Naim Ateek, founder of the Friends of Sabeel, asked at the Wide Tent for Justice: Next Steps for Peace in Palestine/Israel conference at the St. James Episcopal Church in Chicago, co-sponsored by AFSC.

A hopeful movement: Working for justice in Israel-Palestine through boycott and divestment

The growing settlement of Har Homa, East Jerusalem

The growing settlement of Har Homa, East Jerusalem

The growing settlement of Har Homa, East Jerusalem

Note: For the past 46 years, Israel has occupied the Palestinian territory of the West Bank (including East Jerusalem) and the Gaza Strip. It has illegally moved its own population into Jewish-only settlements in the West Bank, confiscating Palestinian land and exploiting Palestinian natural resources. The companies that provide services to these Jewish-only settlements are complicit in the development of an apartheid system.

Media camp enhances Nida’s skills to touch base with her community

From Arrabah to Belfast

Nida’ Nassar, a 28-year-old from the Arab town of Arrabah in Israel, works continuously to sow a culture of civic engagement and to contribute to the elimination of sectarian conflict in Israel/Palestine.

Last month, she traveled to Belfast in Northern Ireland to take part in a media camp that boosted her confidence in working for change and provided her with skills to continue forward.

“We talked about tools, mechanisms, and how to overcome daily challenges in our lives,” she explains.

Calling for Economic Action to End Israel’s Occupation: Minutes and Statements of Quaker Meetings & Organizations

Note:  Quakers around the world are working for peace in Israel/Palestine by joining or supporting the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, which takes economic action to end Israel's illegal occupation of Palestinian territories in the West Bank.  Below is a list of minutes and statements supporting the BDS movement, and calling on all governments to end the dehumanizing effects of the Israeli government.

I am ready: A young woman's visit to Palestine

Lauren Ballester and chickpea

Lauren Ballester holding a giant chickpea during a recent protest against companies supporting the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories.

My Quakerism is what brought me to Palestine.

I have always had a very strong sense of direction rooted in my spirit. That said, there are few times in my life where I have felt as called as I did this spring.

Seven ways to support peace in Israel/Palestine on campus this semester


Students discuss BDS at AFSC's 2013 Alternative Spring Break in Chicago.

Increased militarization of the Israel-Palestine conflict, fueled by the U.S., doesn’t benefit anyone. Here’s how you can take action this semester.

"The Arab Street"

The Arab Street

The Arab Street

The Arab Street

Note: Max Carter, the Director of the Friends Center at Guilford College, has led study tours to Israel-Palestine in the summer for many years. He sent me this post after returning from his most recent trip. - Lucy

Swannanoa Valley Friends Meeting minute on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Note: The below minute from Swannanoa Valley Friends Meeting was presented for consideration by the Southern Applachian Yearly Meeting and Association (SAYMA) at its June, 2013 annual gathering. In the coming year each SAYMA monthly meeting will consider the ideas in the minute and whether they are led to take similar action or to affirm this minute.

A courageous rabbi shares his journey to Palestinian solidarity

“The news out of Israel and Gaza today makes me sick to my stomach,” wrote Rabbi Brant Rosen in his December 28, 2008 blog. “No more rationalizations. What Israel has been doing to the people of Gaza is an outrage.”

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