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Mozambique - Let the People Speak!

Since 2001, AFSC's Mozambique Integrated Rural Development Program(MIRD) has worked in partnership with three communities located in Manica Province. In Denglelenga, Dororo and Chitunga, AFSC has developed projects that include reforestation, fish ponds, community gardens and school construction. Throughout this time, the MIRD program has been committed to following three basic steps:

Experiences from Three Marine Community Fisheries

Conflict over access to natural resources is increasingly common in Cambodia.  This report examines the roots of a conflict over fishing grounds in Cambodia’s Kompong Som Bay.   The report provides case histories of the conflict between trawler operators and traditional fishers, and the struggle to safeguard resources.  The true stories of the communities are presented in a simple and accessible way.

This report was commissioned by AFSC and the Fisheries Action Coalition Team (FACT).

Roads to Development - Insights from Sre Ambel District, Southwest Cambodia

A book by Meas Nee and Wayne McCallum (2009).  104 pages.

"Roads to Development" seeks to explore the idea of what constitutes “good development” in the context of Cambodia, focusing particularly on issues of investment, land rights, and local communities. Our intention is to explore what different development “roads” mean for people, for places and for the physical environment. Further, we aim to explore whether there are alternative roads that are compassionate and inclusive of local communities and grounded within the values and aspirations of Cambodian culture.

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