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AFSC Community Recommendations of Books on War and Peace

We asked AFSC staff (and some friends) to recommend books that helped them understand war and imagine peace. They responded with a collection of intriuing and eclectic suggestions.  We've compiled a list of nearly 40 titles that you and your family may find interesting.  Many are avialable through the FGC Bookstore.

Telling the Story of Gaza

Goldstone Book Event

March 5, 2011 Event @ Busboys & Poets, Washington, DC

Revolution Books presents David Masciotra's WORKING ON A DREAM: The Progressive Political Vision of BRUCE SPRINSTEEN

Thursday, July 15, 2010 - 7:00pm


Revolution Books presents David Masciotra

WORKING ON A DREAM: The Progressive Political Vision of BRUCE SPRINSTEEN


Over the years AFSC and our staff have published a variety of books.

Book 1: 

Book 2:


Book N:

Roads to Development - Insights from Sre Ambel District, Southwest Cambodia

A book by Meas Nee and Wayne McCallum (2009).  104 pages.

"Roads to Development" seeks to explore the idea of what constitutes “good development” in the context of Cambodia, focusing particularly on issues of investment, land rights, and local communities. Our intention is to explore what different development “roads” mean for people, for places and for the physical environment. Further, we aim to explore whether there are alternative roads that are compassionate and inclusive of local communities and grounded within the values and aspirations of Cambodian culture.

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