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Alternative African summit challenges the official one

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The Washington Post

U.S. needs to back African efforts

A Letter from the Director

Dereje Wordofa, AFSC Regional Director for Africa

Dereje Wordofa, AFSC Regional Director for Africa

By Dereje Wordofa, regional director of Africa for the American Friends Service Committee

Conference lifts up needs, voices of refugees in Dayton

Something good is brewing in Dayton.

A recent conference on refugees there asked, What strengths do refugees bring to our communities? What challenges do they face, and what is their vision for the future?

Report on Lessons of Truth and Reconcilation Commissions

BUJUMBURA, Burundi (July 10, 2012) - A report on an international conference on the theme: "Transitional Justice Mechanisms: Lessons learned from Truth and Reconciliation Commissions," will be released on Thursday, July 12, 2012, at 9:00am at Royal Palace Hotel in Bujumbura, Burundi.

Transitional justice mechanism: Lessons learned from Truth and Reconciliation Commissions

This report gathers observations and recommendations from the 60 participants of the international conference, Transitional Justice Mechanisms: Lessons Learned from Truth and Reconciliation Commissions.

AFSC in Burundi Brochure

AFSC’s efforts in Burundi focus on supporting Burundians as peacemakers.

Message from Shan Cretin, October 2011

Dear Friend,

Recently, I had the privilege of visiting AFSC’s pro-grams in the Middle East and Africa. I returned hopeful and inspired that peace is truly possible, even in places emerging from decades of brutal civil war, military occupation, and violent political struggles.

I met young people determined to claim their right to a peaceful future in Gaza and the West Bank. I witnessed deep commitment to healing the wounds of past violence among returning refugees, ex-combatants, and long-time residents of a Peace Village in Burundi.

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