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No dough for the occupation!

Join the call to boycott Pillsbury

Image by Miranda Kharsa

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Pillsbury, owned by food-manufacturing conglomerate General Mills, is a household name, known for its cookie dough, cinnamon buns, and other sweet treats. But the company manufactures frozen baked goods in an illegal Israeli settlement in the occupied Palestinian territoryviolating international law and contributing to gross human rights abuses. 

Take action today! Join our No Dough for the Occupation campaign to hold General Mills accountable and boycott Pillsbury products until the company stops manufacturing on stolen land.

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Boycott Pillsbury actions during 2022 Israeli Apartheid Week

The global movement for justice in Palestine is marking the 2022 Israeli Apartheid Week at the end...

Pittsburghers rally to support Pillsbury boycott in solidarity with Palestine

The Pittsburgh BDS Coalition launched a series of demonstrations at a local Target asking the store to stop carrying Pillsbury products.


Wake the sleeping giant: Become a Pillsbury-Free-Church

Ainsworth United Church of Christ of Portland, Oregon just pledged to be a Pillsbury-Free-Church in support of Palestinian human rights. Join us!


It’s time for General Mills to quit the settlements

When General Mills leaves the occupation, it will be late to join the party. It is one of just a couple of non-Israeli companies that still insist on manufacturing their products in Israel’s illegal settlements.


We're boycotting Pillsbury. Here's why you should join us.

The company is exploiting land, water, and other resources that were captured by force from their legal Palestinian owners, in violation of international law—and directly profiting from the illegal occupation.   


NowThis video with Charlie Pillsbury

Watch Charlie Pillsbury explain why he and other Pillsbury family members are boycotting the brand that bears their name.


The Pillsbury Family: "Why we must boycott Pillsbury"

We cannot support the products bearing our name when its parent company is benefiting from Israel's war crimes. 

American Muslims for Palestine - MN

Why the Pillsbury doughboy is in trouble

There is an international campaign to #boycottpillsbury. What’s the story?


Holding General Mills accountable for profiting from the occupation

AFSC and partners took our campaign to boycott Pillsbury to the corporation’s boardroom for General Mills' annual shareholder meeting. Find out how the company responded. 


U.N. publishes list of companies involved in illegal Israeli settlements

The publication was mandated by a resolution that reaffirmed the illegality of Israeli settlements, identifying them as the root cause of many violations of Palestinian human rights. 

General Mills profile on Investigate

General Mills manufactures frozen baked goods for its Pillsbury brand in the Atarot Industrial Zone, on stolen land which Israel illegally annexed from the Palestinian town of Beit Hanina.


What you need to know about Israel's illegal settlement industry

Companies involved in the settlement industry depend on and benefit from the illegal confiscation of occupied resources and from the discriminatory legal regime in the occupied territories.


Al-Haq Report about Atarot Industrial Zone

This report examines the extent of Israel’s discriminatory measures against Palestinians, exemplified in the case of the Atarot industrial settlement in occupied East Jerusalem, and its adverse impacts on the lives of Palestinians residing therein as well as Palestinians in general.


General Mills profile in Who Profits' Database

Who Profits from the Occupation is an independent research center dedicated to exposing the commercial involvement of Israeli and international corporations in the ongoing Israeli occupation of Palestinian and Syrian lands.

This Valentine’s Day, Break Up With The Pillsbury Doughboy

Read this op-ed in Palestine in America about the #BoycottPillsbury campaign and how you can take part. 

Take action

Sign the Petition

Tell General Mills and other companies to end their complicity in the violation of Palestinian rights.

Tell General Mills

Stop manufacturing on stolen land!

Write directly to the CEO of General Mills.

Boycott Pillsbury Sticky Note

Deshelve Pillsbury

Educate your fellow shoppers. Print this image on sticky notes and post them on Pillsbury products in your local grocery store. Or better, talk to the managers to get the store to stop carrying Pillsbury products. Learn more about this action at Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East.

Join the Campaign

Organize an institutional boycott of Pillsbury within your school, workplace, religious organization, union, or other group you're part of. Fill out this form to connect with this coalition.

*Note: this is not a petition. Please only fill out the form if you are a member of an activist group who wants to take on this campaign.

AFSC Investigate

Screen your investments

Find out if you're invested in General Mills or other companies involved in Israel's illegal settlement industry and other forms of state violence.