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What we’re reading: resisting deportations

Photo: / AFSC

In the face of immigration raids and anti-immigrant policies and rhetoric, communities across the country are taking a stand. Here's what we're reading to learn more:

Immigrant Communities Battle New Anti-Sanctuary-City Bills in Red States by Candice Bernd via Truthout

"'Going forward, what [these bills, raids and deportations] mean for the immigrant community is really a call to action for people to resist these efforts,' said UWD's Perez. 'What that means is whether you do community organizing, or try to work with your elected officials, whether you are holding 'Know Your Rights' information sessions ... we definitely need to do more of that now.'"


Scenes from the ‘Day Without Immigrants’ marches that took place across America, by Rafi Schwartz via Fusion

"In cities across the United States, immigrants and their allies have taken to the streets in massive shows of solidarity as part of the nationwide 'Day Without Immigrants' strike.

The marches are, perhaps, the most visible portion of a day which has seen hundreds of restaurants and storefronts close as immigrants—particularly those from Latinx communities—highlight their vital role in society and protest the Trump administration."


This undocumented immigrant just announced that she is seeking sanctuary at a church. Now she waits. By Sarah Pulliam Bailey via Washington Post

"Over the last three years, the sanctuary movement has grown greatly. In 2014, it had attracted 250 congregations, including synagogues. Following raids in January 2016, the number climbed to 400 congregations, according to Rev. Noel Anderson of the World Church Movement, which works with and tracks the U.S. sanctuary movement. By November, the number of churches involved had doubled to roughly 800 congregations, Anderson said."


Some Pa. cities helping communities when immigration raids happen, by Margaret Krauss via Newsworks

"The New Sanctuary Movement created the hotline in May 2016, in response to increased raids against Central Americans during President Obama's presidency. They ramped up after President Trump’s election.

More than 1,000 people volunteered to respond to raids, said Pedemonti. When someone reports a raid, it triggers an alert to those supporters, some of whom will rush to the given address. Pedemonti says the goal is to arrive as an ICE raid is happening, and to peacefully disrupt it by holding an interfaith service."


Defend and Protect Transgender Undocumented Women: Free Ms. Gonzalez by Jennicet Gutiérrez via Truthout

"This is a call to all caring people to listen and pay attention to what is happening to undocumented transgender women. We especially need the backing of the mainstream immigrant and LGBTQ communities right now. We are one of the most vulnerable populations, and we need real support from our communities and organizations. You have a duty to support Ms. Gonzalez, all the transgender undocumented women currently detained in immigration detention centers, and all undocumented immigrants, until we dismantle ICE and the police state."


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