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What we’re reading: preparing for 2017

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As 2016 draws to a close, we take a look at the inspiring work movements and communities are doing to prepare for the future.

Schools pledge to create safe spaces for undocumented students, by Casey Quinlan via Think Progress

“Students at colleges and universities are demanding that institutions of higher education step up as school districts have and declare their campuses sanctuary campuses. On November 17, students protested at campuses across the country, from New York’s Vassar College and Iowa State University to University of Texas San Antonio. Students asked for their universities to declare themselves sanctuaries for undocumented immigrants, so immigrant students would feel safer attending class.”

How Muslim Activists Are Organizing Against Islamophobia in the Face of President Trump, by Kalia Abiade via In These Times

“Muslim activist Paul Galloway, executive director of the American Center for Outreach, says advocates have been able to ‘hold the line in the face of overt bigotry,’ in part through behind-the-scenes work, but he says the assault likely to come will require more visible and dogged participation by Muslims.

Billoo and Galloway say Muslims don’t have to—and shouldn’t—go it alone. They both point to shared struggles with people who are Black, Latino, Native American, undocumented and LGBTQ. Building awareness of these identities within the Muslim community, as well as strengthening relationships with advocacy groups outside it, can lead to the meaningful solidarity needed to challenge the Trump administration.”

Standing Rock activists eye pipeline finances to cement Dakota Access win, by Sam Levin and Julia Carrie Wong via The Guardian

“LaDonna Brave Bull Allard, a Standing Rock tribe member who owns land where one of the main camps remains in place, said the DAPL corporation was ‘panicking’ about its finances and misleading the public.

The company should not be trusted, she said, noting that the construction site was being monitored to ensure that DAPL workers do not start drilling under the Missouri river, which provides the tribe’s water supply.

‘We are preparing because we know we have a fight on our hands. We will be standing our ground no matter what.’”

Can North Carolina’s Moral Mondays Movement Spark a New Civil Rights Fire?, by Rev. William Barber via Ebony

“For us, victory means altering the arc of our history away from the politics of domination toward a social vision grounded in respect for the dignity of ordinary people, the needs of those most vulnerable among us, the wellbeing of all our children, and the health of our democracy. These commitments are not the property of any one faith or faction; they do not belong to conservatives or liberals, Republicans or Democrats. They are common to all faiths and also to those who arrive at this vision by human reason or simply by trust in a moral universe.”

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