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What we’re reading on the federal budget

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The proposed 2018 budget was released last week. It includes a dramatic increase in funding for the military, and sweeping cuts to social services. Here’s what we’re reading to learn more:

Trump Budget Shows How Much Black People Have to Lose, by Shanelle Matthews via ColorLines

“The budget proposal slashes funding for programs and in areas that are crucial for Black families and individuals. These include Community Development Block Grants, after-school programs, the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, Pell Grants and the size of the federal labor force.”


Trump's Austerity Budget Increases Military Recruiters' Power to Prey on Youth, by Sarah Jaffe via Truthout

“We are talking about a budget that pulls funds from social programs to beef up the military and then recruits its new soldiers from communities that are being devastated by those cuts. Then, when people come home from serving, they are facing further cuts and a lack of a social safety net. The military ... sort of steps in and replaces an actual universal welfare state.”


Trump’s “Historic” DoD Budget Increase Implies Preparations for More War, by Whitney Webb via MintPress News

“For instance, Trump has expanded drone warfare, sent thousands of new troops to Iraq and Syria, and is likely to send thousands more in the coming months. These actions alone are likely to consume a large part of the Trump’s proposed budget increase – expanding the same foreign wars Trump campaigned against while concurrently working against national security.”


The Cuts in Trump’s Budget You Haven’t Heard About, by James Trimarco via Yes! Magazine

“Other agencies listed for elimination include the Appalachian Regional Commission, begun in 1960, and the Delta Regional Authority, in 1990. These organizations aren’t the Corporation for Public Broadcasting or the National Endowment for the Arts, so they aren’t part of the national outrage on news shows and social media. But they are tested and proven winners when it comes to the challenging task of bringing wealth to neglected corners of the United States.” 


It's Time to Dismantle Trump's Murder Budget and Defund Militarism, by Maya Schenwar via Truthout

“We need to call and write to our Congress members and demand they reject the $54 billion increase to our military budget and the brutal cuts to crucial domestic programs. We have to stop taking our wars, our drones, our bombs, our imperialism and our decades of colossal military budgets for granted. We have to "imagine life without them." And we have to imagine -- and work to create -- the life-giving, healing, transformational priorities that will take their place.”


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