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Where is news coverage of peace trending?

Screenshot of Unfiltered dot news infographic showing trends in news coverage worldwide
Screenshot of infographic showing trends in news coverage worldwide Photo: / AFSC

Ever wonder what other people are reading around the world? Apparently we're not the only ones who do. has come up with an AMAZING infographic to show what news topics are trending anywhere. In the whole world. And they made it look like a map.

This is going to be so. Much. Fun.

What coverage is trending in the U.S.?

Zooming in on the United States, we're not surprised by the trending topics: the economy, the election, the NCAA championship.  But we read the U.S. news every day. Next!

What coverage is trending in the Middle East?

Looks like Syria, ISIS, and other conflicts in the region (no surprises), but also news about Panama--likely because of the Panama Papers money laundering story that broke this week. And FC Barcelona, because soccer. Oops, we meant football.

What's trending in Europe?

Football. Moving on...

And Africa?

A number of pressing social issues seem to be trending in different countries, like political violence (Egypt, Nigeria), student protests (Kenya), and the previously mentioned Panama Papers story (South Africa, Zimbabwe). And football. So much football.

Asia and the Pacific?

This is a huge region, with incredible diversity. As we might expect, the trends are varied too. In fact, coverage of football is supplemented by trending coverage of cricket (India, Pakistan), rugby (Australia), and baseball (Japan, South Korea). Also there's a ton of coverage of business and politics too.

What about peace?

We were so disappointed, though not at all surprised, that "peace," "nonviolence" and "peace building" did not make the top 100 trends anywhere. In the whole world. True, it could be that this was not part of' coding paradigm--meaning that maybe we can't see coverage of peace because the coders weren't looking for it when they set this rad infographic up in the first place. But that just goes to the heart of a deeper problem we're worried about: is anyone looking for coverage of peace building?

Have you seen substantive coverage of peace building or nonviolence? Share it with us in the comments.

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AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Communications research | Analytics | Social inequality. Beth leads AFSC’s messaging and opinion research, which she uses to develop evidence-based communications guidance for advocates and citizens to ‘change the narrative’ on war and violence. Prior to AFSC, Beth’s research and professional work focused on health inequality in the Americas.