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Let Your Life Speak

Learning from lives that inspire

Let Your Life Speak is a project of AFSC Friends Relations. Quakers have an incredible history and legacy of action and service work, and that work continues to be borne out within Meetings and individual Friends across the county. AFSC grounds its work in Quaker testimonies and practices to do work for peace with justice within the world.

Let Your Life Speak shares seven amazing stories of work that is being done within and across AFSC and Quaker communities. These are brave and moving stories of work for loving justice in response to post-genocidal trauma, a prejudicial and broken immigration system, and more. An eighth card in the deck provides instructions for how to utilize the deck. Quakers and AFSC do incredible work, and AFSC wants to share these inspirational stories to encourage further action and support.

The stories

Eddie Conway 

Read more about Eddie here

Crystal Gonzalez

Read more about Crystal here


Tabitha Mustafa

Read more about Tabitha here

Florence Ntakarutimana

Read more about Florence here

Saul Aleman

Read more about Saul here

Sandra Tamari

Read more about Sandra here

John and Gail Fletcher

Read more about John and Gail here

Supporting this work

Friends have a legacy of encouraging and supporting ministerial leadings, both within Meetings and individually. This practice of communal support to enable the work of Spirit is a powerful practice among Friends. Each story, the work of each person profiled here, is ministry.

Friends Relations hopes that these stories move Friends to seek out their place in work for peace with justice. For some Friends, this might start with conversation with your AFSC Meeting/Church Liaison or Friends Relations staff, to see how they might become involved. For some, a monetary contribution to the work of AFSC might be most appropriate. Friends Relations looks forward to stewarding all of these different leadings.

A ministry of giving

Your donation will support AFSC’s work for peace and justice in the US and around the globe. Programs include those profiled in Let Your Life Speak, such as Friend of a Friend in Baltimore, Roots for Peace in Los Angeles, or Peace by Piece in New Orleans. Donations to AFSC also enable AFSC-supported organizational efforts among Friends through such Friends Relations programs as the Quaker Social Change Ministry project and Calls for Spirited Action.

A ministry of service

AFSC and Friends Relations knows that our work wouldn’t be possible without the support of Friends. Friends Relations encourages Friends to engage their meeting/church, committee, or small group in doing Spirit-led organizing. 9 ways your meeting/church can work with AFSC for just peace provides is an excellent starting point for discerning how to partner around core issues. Already have an idea of how you’d like to take action on the issues Friends and AFSC are working on? Tell us about it!

About the Author

Genevieve Beck-Roe is serving as the Friends Relations Fellow with AFSC as part of Quaker Voluntary Service's Alumni Fellowship for 2015-16. Genevieve grew up in Chicago and graduated in 2014 from Earlham College.