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Audio from AFSC

We summarize last week’s activities; share upcoming events for next week; and discuss the TPP as a brand new same old story, taking action to protect unemployment insurance in Ohio, the water AND democracy crisis in Flint MI, shedding light on “dark money” nonprofit groups that spend money in federal elections, and a little history on taxing the rich.  (Length: 38:09)
Lewis Webb, Jr. discusses the barriers facing returning citizens and how Quakers can support them as they navigate the hurdles of re-entry. Lewis serves as Healing Justice Program Coordinator in AFSC’s New York Office. After graduating from law school, Lewis has dedicated his entire professional career to criminal justice issues. Before joining AFSC, he worked with the District Attorney’s Office in Brooklyn, NY, and the New York City Department of Corrections. He also taught criminal justice, jurisprudence and criminal law at various colleges and universities.
After visiting this cooperative community created by 50 families of unemployed industrial workers, the First Lady says that it demonstrates the Quaker belief that most people really want to work out their own problems and—given the chance—will react in the most responsible way. She encourages her audience to write to AFSC in Philadelphia to learn more about philosophy of this “self-help technique.” Roosevelt considered Penn Craft “more than just an experiment,” offering deep meaning for every area of social and economic life around the world.
We summarize last week’s activities; share upcoming events for next week; and describe current problems, literally from A to Z, that can be solved by asserting people power over corporate power and the power of the wealthy few in elections. (Length: 33:10)
Looking back from advanced age, Elliott describes the scorn and mistrust he encountered after returning from peace service in France. Yet he read the New Testament and it confirmed for him the rightness of everything he had thought about during the war.
Happy New Year! We summarize last week’s activities; share upcoming events for next week; and, in light of the new year, share our program, activity and event plans for 2016. (Length: 24:12)
In Part III of our series on Quaker Social Change Ministry, we explore how to co-create a community that can sustain us for the long haul. Burnout can creep up on us unless we find nourishment in our spiritual life and in our communities. Grounding our work in worship, covenantal relationships, and story telling, we learn and grow together. With Lucy Duncan and Greg Elliott