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New Iowans thank AFSC for helping them feel at home

New Iowans thank AFSC for helping them feel at home

Doris and Ruth Mayson

Doris and her mother, Ruth Mayson, in the lobby of AFSC's office in Des Moines.

Photo: AFSC / Jon Krieg

Note: Ruth Mayson and her daughter, Doris, recently stopped by AFSC’s office in Des Moines to thank Jody Mashek, Immigration Legal Services Director, for her help. Refugees from Liberia, Ruth and her spouse became U.S. citizens with the assistance of AFSC. In this five-minute interview, Ruth and Doris share more with Jon Krieg.

Ruth: The work that you guys do, you are the best friend we have. Coming from another country, you don’t know where to start from. After war, after the horrible experience you go through, you come and you see people that come around you, and put out their hands and say, "Look, we can help you. We can help you find work and find your way through.”

It’s amazing to find people like that. Jody, she helped me, she listened to me. Whether she understand it or not, she listened to you and helped you understand it, explained everything. If you can’t work, she told you what to do.

Jody does a great job. People who can’t speak English yet, she takes the time to listen to other people and help them. She explains everything to them. Even help them to work and explain the writing.

So she does an amazing job, she takes a lot of time. She wants to make sure you understand, make sure you’re comfortable, she makes you feel at home, seriously. She makes you feel at home, she’s a nice lady.

She helps you make sure your documents go through, she helps you do the right thing, make sure you understand everything, go through and make sure you get your papers and everything. She’s a nice woman.

I’m so happy you guys are here, you are the best friend ever we have here in America. Because you guys help us to get a job, if you go far away to go to school, how to speak good English, how to get your papers. You guys make us feel at home.

I’m so happy and grateful for what she’s doing. I’ll do anything for her because she gave us hope in life, a chance that we can do something, that we can go to school, we can speak English, we can get a job.

She said, “Yes, you can do it, Ruth, you can do it. Go ahead, go to school, learn English and get a job.” She did that. God bless her for that. God gave her that wisdom, and she took that wisdom and started helping God’s children, help people. God bless her. In everything, God bless her.

So I’m happy to speak to you. I could sit here all day and talk about Jody, I would get tired. That’s it, I would get tired. Because other people say they want to help, but when they can’t understand you, they will get angry. But she will take her time, she will not even go for lunch, she will take the time to explain and help you.

It’s amazing. God have her a good spirit. All of you guys that work here, we see how much all of you working with each other here to help people who’ve come to this country, it’s wonderful. It’s wonderful.

Doris: Jody’s a good lady, my mom told me so much. I’m actually also applying too with her – she sounds really nice. She’s really good. My mom talks about her all the time. I saw how she helped my parents – they got their citizenship. Both my mom and my dad – she’s really good.

Ruth: Give her hope, give a chance to do something with life again.

Doris: To work with her one on one and help her with everything. Everything they ask, because it’s hard with writing and speaking in English here. So if you find somebody to help and do that for you, without paying anything, without complaining or nothing, they are really special. Not everyone can do that, so I’m really happy for her, and I’ll tell her thank you for that, too.

Jon: Thank you very much.