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Call for Spirited Action: Governing Under the InfluencePodcast

Photo: AFSC

This election season, AFSC will join conversations in the growing congressional and presidential campaigns, with a message of getting money out of politics. Using the tactics of bird dogging and peaceful demonstrations, AFSC staff and volunteers will insist that our politicians address the issue of corporate money and politics, and help provide alternatives.  Arnie Alpert, Co-Director of AFSC's New Hampshire program, presented on the "Governing under the Influence" campaign, and how Quakers can get involved.  

After introductions, Arnie introduces the Governing under the Influence (GUI) project and describes why the lead up to the New Hampshire primary and the Iowa caucus is a rare opportunity to engage with candidates [05.40]. Lucy asks Arnie about corporate influence in US politics, and Arnie gives the example of Congressman Buck McKeon from California [10.00]. Next, Arnie describes what he calls the "Three pillars of GUI" - grassroots education, public protest, and bird dogging [15.40]. Arnie then lists some examples of how GUI is impacting discourse and politics [20.50] and goes on to describe the bird dog training for volunteers [25.11]. Next, Arnie tells a few more stories of how bird dogging has brought issues of for-profit immigrant detention centers and militarism to Democrats and Republicans alike [28.39]. Lastly, Lucy asks Arnie what Quakers can do to participate in GUI who don't live in New Hampshire or Iowa [34.50], followed by a Q&A with callers [41.25].