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Call for Spirited Action: #SanctuaryEverywhere

Sanctuary Everywhere
Sanctuary Everywhere is the simple idea that everyday people can come together to keep each other safe. Whether we are welcoming refugees or working to stop deportations; protecting religious groups who have been targeted and attacked; working to ensure that Black Lives Matter by interrupting anti-Black violence; or protecting the rights of LGBTQI people, we are all in this together. Lear more about Sancturay Everywhere. Photo: AFSC

Sanctuary Everywhere: From interrupting street harrassment to offering sanctuary to undocumented immigrants, Lori Khamala and Jennifer Piper explore ways to resist intimidation, police brutality, anti-immigrant sentiment, Islamophobia and other forms of oppression on the streets and beyond. 

See also: #SanctuaryEverywhere: a resource guide, #SanctuaryEverywhere, a blog post by Lori Khamala, and Keep these families together: Denver Quakers provide Sanctuary by David Poundstone

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