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Call for Spirited Action: Faith-based immigrant justicePodcast

Photo: AFSC

Hear more about faith-based efforts around the country to support the movement of immigrants for human rights and justice.  Jennifer Piper, AFSC staff in Denver, and Lori Khamala, immigrant rights staff in Greensoboro, speak about working for immigrant justice, this moment in the movement, the unique gifts of faith-based organizing on this issue, and some of the challenges.

After introductions, Piper gives a brief history of the immigrant rights movement from the 1980s to the present [06.12]. Next, Lori discusses current campaigns and actions taking place in North Carolina, specifically in the Greensboro area [14.03]. Piper describes the model of accompaninent and how it is being used by faith communities in the Denver area to do powerful faith-based activism [22.53]. Lori goes on to describe the campaign for tuition equality in North Carolina [29.37]. After some encouraging words from Piper and Lori about faith-based activism [36.37], the question and answer section covers a wide variety of topics [39.33].

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