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Call For Spirited Action: Coalition of Friends in Baltimore for Healing Justice

A conversation with Dominique Stevenson and Marshall "Eddie" Conway, co-founders of AFSC's Friend of a Friend Program in Baltimore. Eddie and Dominique also co-wrote Eddie's autobigraphy, "Marshall Law: The Life and Times of a Baltimore Black Panther." Dominique is the AFSC Program Director for Friend of a Friend, and Eddie is very active in a variety of projects that address mass incarceration and the criminal justice system.

Dominique tells the history of the Friend of a Friend program [min 1.42]. Eddie continues discussing Friend of a Friend, including many of his experiences as a political prisoner and the involvement of several Quaker Meetings [min 10.07]. Dominique describes some of the other projects that Friends are working on in and around Baltimore [min 25.27]. The second half of the call is a Q&A with Friends [28.20].