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AFSC Monthly Conference Call Conversation: Joe Bongiovanni PART 1Podcast

Joe Bongiovanni Photo: / AFSC

Part 1 of:

Audio of AFSC Monthly Conference Call Conversation: Using the Public Power to Create Money to Create Jobs, Repair Infrastructure and Reduce Debt with Speaker: Joe Bongiovanni. Co-Director of the Kettle Pond Institute, second generation monetary reformer, annual speaker at the American Monetary Institute national conference.


Joe discussed the topics of money and how it's created by banking corporations, how monetary policy connects to the economy and our lives, and why it's important to become monetarily literate, He talks and answers questions about the National Emergency Employment Defense (NEED) Act, which if enacted would infuse debt-free money into our economy to meet our basic physical and human needs, create jobs and reduce our national debt. 

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