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AFSC's work in Africa

AFSC's work in Africa

Toward a peaceful and prosperous continent

After decades of conflict, the people of Africa are reknitting the fabric of resilient and thriving societies. AFSC’s work in Burundi, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, and Zimbabwe promotes lasting peace and reconciliation by helping youth, women, and men heal from the trauma of violence, develop self-employment skills, and rebuild a sense of community. Through our Dialogue and Exchange Program, AFSC extends the impact of this work to an additional 20 countries in Africa.


Where we work


In Burundi, AFSC strengthens civil society and faith-based organizations and helps young people build skills to improve their employment opportunities.


The main goal of AFSC's work in Kenya is to promote a culture of peace among youth and the communities in which they live. 


In partnership with local organizations, AFSC works with youth in Somalia to develop innovative ideas for building peace while ensuring inclusion for all.

South Sudan

In the fall of 2019, AFSC launched a new program in South Sudan to address trauma among people working to build peace in the country through conflict healing and reconciliation.   


Since 2008, AFSC has worked in Zimbabwe to enhance the livelihoods of those living precariously in displaced communities.

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AFSC's work in Africa

Advocacy in Washington, D.C.

In the U.S., AFSC's Africa Public Education and Advocacy program helps people influence U.S. policy on Africa.


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