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Tell the Senate: Pass a robust reconciliation package!

We all deserve to live in communities with fully funded social services and just, sustainable economies. The Build Back Better bill—a $1.64 trillion plan passed by the House—is one step towards this goal. It extends the Child Tax Credit increase, a huge step towards reducing child poverty. It includes major investments to address the climate change emergency by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. And it pays for these things by taxing massive corporations and the wealthiest .02% of people. 

Now, this plan to begin critical investments in our communities’ wellbeing is heading to the Senate, where it will face challenges from some Democratic Senators who want to cut critical programs from the plan, from harmful Republican amendments to the bill, and from an unelected Parliamentarian whose opinions could influence Congress to not include a much-needed pathway to citizenship in this bill.   

That’s why we’re urging the Senate to pass the Build Back Better package—without taking out any of these essential programs, or letting bad advice from the Parliamentarian get in the way of the changes our communities need.  

Tell the Senate: Pass the Build Back Better bill now—and preserve important investments in our communities!