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Tell President Biden: Stand with protesters in Colombia—and stop U.S. aid from funding human rights violations!

Since April 28, thousands of people in cities, towns, and rural communities in Colombia have joined mass protests as part of a national strike. The mobilization began in response to proposed tax hikes amid the pandemic and has grown to call for changes to address human rights abuses and stark inequality in the country. 

But while protests have been mostly peaceful, the Colombian government has responded with violence and brutality—deploying police and military forces and criminalizing protesters. At least 43 people have been killed, more than 1,200 protesters detained, and over 2,905 cases of police violence reported, according to human rights groups. 

The United States has a critical role to play in stopping this violent repression of protesters in Colombia. 

Tell the Biden administration today: Speak out against the violence against protesters and stop U.S. tax dollars from funding police and military in Colombia! 


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