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Tell Congress and Biden: End Title 42 and restore the right to claim asylum!

Everyone deserves to live in safety and peace. But for the past two years, immigrants have been stopped from crossing the U.S.-Mexico border to apply for asylum in the U.S. 

The CDC finally announced an end to this policy, known as Title 42, but this was blocked by a Louisiana court injunction. In addition, some members of Congress want to amend the upcoming COVID relief bill in order to keep Title 42 and continue to deny people their international human right to claim asylum. Several politicians are clinging to Title 42 as an excuse to expand the immigration detention system, further militarize border communities, and withhold COVID relief.  

Their attempts to fabricate a border-specific health crisis while also calling for less restrictions within the country is disheartening. They would rather focus on demonizing human beings to create fear than support the nation’s recovery after a historic catastrophe. 

Title 42 has endangered hundreds of thousands of lives. Some people have been deported to the conditions they fled while some have been stranded in makeshift camps. Many face kidnappings and other forms of violence. Black and brown migrants have suffered significantly. While some Ukrainians have been able to seek asylum, those fleeing similar conditions from Black and brown nations have not been allowed to exercise that same right- evidence of the racism and xenophobia that drives our immigration enforcement policies. Any efforts to uphold Title 42 actively supports the continuation of family separations, trauma, and violence against Black, brown, and immigrant communities. This racist policy must end now. 

Please join us in urging Congress and President Biden to block attempts to reinstate Title 42. Instead, resources should be allocated to welcoming migrating people with dignity and addressing their basic needs. U.S. policies should protect the health, safety, and human rights of all who seek refuge.  

Tell Congress and President Biden: End Title 42 and restore the right to claim asylum!