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Tell Congress: Take bold action in the next COVID-19 relief package!

As Congress debates the next COVID-19 relief package, it’s critical that we urge elected officials to take bold action to meet the real needs of communities across the U.S.—and protect the health and well-being of all as we face more difficult months ahead. 

Previous relief packages have fallen short of the aid our communities truly need, particularly for immigrants, low-income Black and Brown communities, and people who are incarcerated. It’s time for Congress to address the public health and economic challenges facing the country.

Without additional relief, the public health and economic crisis will only worsen for many in our communities. Congress must make big changes now to keep our communities healthy and well and on a secure path to recovery. 

Tell Congress: Take bold action in the next COVID-19 relief package!

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Help Provide Pandemic Relief to Elders in Palestine

Give today to provide much-needed pandemic relief supplies for communities in Palestine, including housebound and impoverished seniors in Gaza and the West Bank. Your contribution also supports AFSC’s advocacy efforts in the region to end the Israeli blockage and ensure that Palestinians have access to the vaccine.

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